Raw Doesn't Have to be Guess-Work!

In my day job as a Veterinary Surgeon, I have watched the rise of raw feeding in the pet and working dog community. Undoubtedly there are many potential benefits to raw or fresh feeding our canine companions, but despite the continued growth of the raw food market, I couldn't find a product I was truly happy with.  I also struggled when I had a raw or fresh fed dogs with medical condition that required careful dietary management. 

So I decided to make the products that I was so desperate for myself. It was a far longer road than we anticipated but in March 2020 we will launch our first products for sale across the UK. 

Our 'complete' diets are ALL formulated to conform to FEDIAF minimum guidelines for cats and dogs. This means that any product labelled 'complete' by us is genuinely complete. 

We live on and run our own free range farm  - and we wanted to stick to our original farming ethics using British, high welfare meat (Free Range, Grass Fed or Wild whenever we can!). We also use the whole animal - not just the off cuts - making our product more consistent than any other on the market. 

We are dedicated to education in raw feeding. With so many benefits to a well balanced raw or fresh diet, we are committed to keeping abreast of and contributing to continued research into raw feeding with a contribution from EVERY pack being used to fund nutrition related elective projects in veterinary schools in the UK.

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