Raw Doesn't Have to be Guess-Work!

We are a local vet (Charlotte Gray MA VetMB MRCVS and a free range pig farmer who have moved from premium sausages to producing premium raw pet food after we saw the demand for accurately formulated, genuinely complete raw foods for pets. 

In my day job at the vets, I have watched the rise of raw feeding in the pet and working dog community. 

However, when assessing the raw diet of a canine customer with a skin condition at the vets, it became clear to me that the raw 'complete' it was being fed was not quite as it said on the 'tin'. No one could supply an accurate nutritional breakdown. I did some more research and it turns out that this is not an uncommon story. 

This particular diet was low in some types of essential fatty acids. We corrected this, but it highlighted a problem that I was sure we could solve. 

Our 'complete' diets are formulated to conform to FEDIAF minimum guidelines for cats and dogs. This means that any product labelled 'complete' by us is genuinely complete. 

We wanted to stick to our original farming ethics using British, high welfare meat (Free Range, Grass Fed or Wild whenever we can!). We also use the whole animal - not just the off cuts!

For those of you who are experienced raw feeders, we also produce ethical, high quality components separately. 


We are dedicated to education in raw feeding. With so many benefits to a well balanced raw diet, and as

a member of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS) we are committed to keeping abreast of and contributing to continued research into raw feeding.

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