Worried your dog isn't getting everything he needs? 

Feeding a fresh diet is great for your dog, but balancing it correctly can be complicated....


Many homemade (raw or cooked) diets suffer from deficiencies which may affect your dog over time. Some deficiencies can take a year or more to be apparent, others may never be outwardly noticeable but may shorten your dog's life. 


Common deficiencies include zinc causing dry, flakey or itchy skin and antioxidant vitamin E resulting in cell damage and increased risk of cancer. Manganese deficiencies may be almost invisible but can lead to weakened ligaments and conditions like ruptured cruciates. This means that the fact your dog 'looks fine' may not be enough.

The 'Check my Diet' service can assess your dog's whole diet

We use the nutritional information for every single ingredient that you feed to accurately calculate nutrient levels provided. We compare these to recognised nutritional recommended allowances and let you know if there are likely to be deficiencies. 

Who is this service for? 

  • Dogs eating raw diets 

  • Dogs eating homemade cooked diets

  • Dogs eating a mix of kibble food and home cooked food

  • Healthy, adult dogs. (It is not suitable for growing puppies or dogs with systemic illness).

  • Under or overweight dogs - your diet check also contains an accurate calorie count - this can help in your weight management plan. 

What do you get? 

  • A copy of a nutritional breakdown for your dog's diet including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, calorie counts and fatty acids. 

  • A paragraph detailing any deficiencies your diet may have. We also take into account nutritional interactions (e.g. calcium phosphorus ratios, fatty acid ratios) that may cause an issue. We also consider the bioavailability of your ingredients - some vitamins in plants are not absorbed as well as the same vitamin in meat.

  • Broad suggestions of whole foods or supplements that you might want to use to correct any deficiencies.

How do I 'Check my Diet'

Just pop to the online shop and purchase a 'Check My Diet' consult. Your purchase will provide you with a digital form to fill and email back. We need as much information as you can provide - for example - for 'chicken' should provide the weight in grams that you feed, the cut that is used (leg, wing, breast, minced whole birds), whether bone is included and perhaps even whether the bird was free range. All of these things change the nutritional content of the food you use. 

Please allow 2 weeks for return of your nutritional breakdown - I am still an active veterinary surgeon during the day so cannot work on 'Check my Diet' every day. Please do let me know if it is urgent and I will do my best to get it done as quickly as possible! 

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