Are you a dog trainer? 

Interested in hosting a Seminar? 

Want to help improve the health of thousands of pets by supporting us? Read on....

Education is key in providing optimal health for our pets especially when it comes to pets with allergies or intolerances.

The RAW Vet seminars discuss the science behind why raw or home-cooked feeding can be beneficial, but also discusses how YOU can use clever dietary audit to check whether your dog is getting all they need. This is helpful in any dog, but is especially important in pets where allergies limit ingredient choices and may be making it difficult to find balance. 

We already run seminars across the South of England. Our first Veterinary CPD is this August. 

You can learn more about other seminars here

But - Here's the thing.... 

We have had to launch a Kickstarter project to help fund a large an unexpected cost in our Eco-friendly, Ethical, RAW Food Butchery... We are not on target and risk loosing a RAW Food line that will be invaluable to dogs with medical conditions all over the country.

You can watch the video and see more at


We are not quite there yet... so I wanted to try something different to try to reach our target... we have just FIVE days.... 

We wanted to offer seminars as well as raw food as rewards for pledges!... 

If YOUR dog club would like a Seminar - please consider visiting the Kickstarter page and pledging £250.

Pledge £250 for the 'Mixed Starter Box', then send us a message on Kickstarter with the Name of your Dog Club. When the project completes, we will set a date! 

You can sell tickets to your event to cover the costs, or to make a little extra for charity or to support your club, yourself and your members. We don't set how much you charge - but we suggest £25/person. Thats £1000 if you fill the room....


If we reach our target I will come and run the 'Raw Doesn't Have to be Guesswork' seminar at YOUR dog club.

If we don't reach our target, you will not be charged any money. 

Seminar Includes:

2.5 hours of the Seminar for up to 40 guests including questions at the end (Dates can be mutually arranged)

Guide booklet to refer to later on 

A bag of air dried, free range treats for every attendant.

A FREE starter box for the person booking!


Dates will need to be mutually convenient, and must take place between June 2019 and June 2020. 

We can ONLY run seminars within 150 miles of TN31. 



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