Free Range Chicken with Bone,

Beef Heart, Liver and Lung,

Free Range Pork Mince (an excellent source of thiamine) 

Quinoa (for Magnesium, Fibre and Antioxidants)

Locally Sourced Carrots, Red Cabbage and Broccoli

Flaxseed Oil for healthy skin and coat (Linoleic Acid)

Organic Wheatgerm for Manganese

Wild Salmon Oil

Zinc Chelate (just Zinc bound to protein) included for skin health and healing 

Kelp for Iodine

Natural Vitamin E from Vegetable oil  - A natural antioxidant that prevents cell damage.


More Information on Our Ingredients!


The pork in our recipes is from our very own farm and is all British and high welfare. We use the whole animal - not just the trim - meaning that our product nutritional analysis is as consistent as possible to avoid tummy upsets.


Can dogs eat raw pork? Yes definitely! The concern with raw pork is a bug called Trichinella. Trichinella has not been seen in British Pork for over 30 years. Just to be sure though, all our pork is tested for Trichinella, and is frozen for 3 weeks before it is sold to make absolutely sure it is safe. 


Our Wild Salmon Oil has a guaranteed DHA and EPA analysis, and is regularly tested for heavy metal toxins to make absolutely sure that your puppy is not consuming anything harmful.


Unrivalled Telephone Advice:

Our phone lines are manned by staff that have experience in Veterinary Practice - including vets and veterinary nurses. This means you can trust that advice you get will be accurate. 



100% Recyclable Aluminium trays.

Sustainable, Biodegradable Woolcool shipping boxes


Unrivalled Traceability

We have our own Free Range Farm and we rear our OWN animals whenever we can. When we can't, the farmers are our neighbours and our friends. We know the animals used in our food were raised ethically.

Whole Carcass Production

We use the WHOLE animal - not just the waste products

Consistency - we use the SAME cuts in every batch so our product is as consistent as possible.


Nutritional Breakdowns:

Nutritional content of our foods is calculated using the nutrition profiles of every ingredient. We use the same sources and the same cuts of meat to ensure that our product is as consistent as possible but we all understand that whole foods will vary slightly depending on the factors like season or feed type of the animal used. 


Free Range Chicken Complete 500g




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