This service provides you with one individualised NRC Balanced recipe for your dog.


Your diet is formulated from scratch, taking your dog's (and your) requirements and preferences into account.


For example, your may need a high energy diet that contains only raw ingredients, no chicken, and is easy to prepare, or perhaps your dog is fussy and there are only a few foods that he/she likes. 


You will receive a full recipe with accurate instructions on how to prepare. You will also receive an ingredients list with a nutritional breakdown to demonstrate that your recipe conforms to internationally recognised nutritional standards (NRC). If we have recommended supplements we will provide accurate doses and may suggest items that are of use.


Upon purchase of the service the intake form is sent to you to fill in and return. If you would prefer to see the form before purchase please let us know by email and I will forward one.


This service may take up to two weeks, but please let us know if you need it in a hurry - we may be able to accomodate you. 


We are happy to calculate diets comprised of


  • Raw food 
  • Cooked food 
  • Mixed cooked and raw food 


Why calculate at all? 


Feeding a fresh diet have so many potential benefits for you dog, but often homemade diets lack in some nutrients. Some of these nutrients will not cause signs of deficiency for some months or years, so are not always visible straight away.  For example, vitamin E deficiencies are common. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant used to prevent cell damage, and deficiencies are likely to increase the risk of cancer.


This is the first service of its kind in the UK, allowing us to feed raw or homemade diets with confidence.


Raw feeding does not have to be guess work!








Nutritional Formulation for Adult Healthy Dog




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