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Vet, Help! – My Dog Has…..Itchy Skin

An Online Courses to help you gain a deeper understanding of Atopic Dermatitis, Food Allergies and Nutritional Approaches to Treatment.

Online Interactive Seminar


When? Monday 27th July 2020 6-9pm BST
(Watch later is available for 30 days)

Where? This seminar is held on Skype. You will receive a link before the seminar.
How Much? £32 - A bit less then the cost of a standard consult :-) includes seminar slides sent to you in PDF after.


Finding out your dog has allergies is sometimes overwhelming. There’s only so much that you can fit into a standard consult slot, and it’s pretty common to go home with a thousand questions.


20% of our canine companions have had an issue with itching. Itchy toes, infected anal glands, repeated ear infections, hot spots, hair loss, red skin, conjunctivitis – can all be signs of allergies. Investigation is often lengthy and frustrating, often involving multiple tests, medication and diet trials.


Many owners want to take a more active and knowledgeable role in their dog's health. This course is designed to help you do this by giving you as much information as possible on how we diagnose and treat allergic skin disease, and how best to select and exclusion diet to test and treat it.


How do we know if it's allergies?
Are there other things playing a role?
Is raw food better? Hydrolysed diets? Drugs? Supplements?
How much can we tell in the first consult...? (more than you'd think...)
How do we decide on an exclusion diet?
How strict do we really need to be?
Does it matter if it isn't balanced?
What if my exclusion diet doesn't work - does it mean my dog doesn't have a food allergy? (interestingly...it doesn't)
So much more to talk about.....


Exclusion diets are an important part of investigation but getting them right is vital. So many exclusion diets fail for predictable reasons and hopefully this seminar will provide a structure to give you the best chance of success.


A novel fresh ingredient exclusion diet is gold standard, but in pets that may have undergone multiple diet trials, it’s important to consider whether deficiencies might be starting to complicate the response (zinc, omega 3, linoleic acid, iodine) – are they still allergic? Or are they just suffering a fatty acid deficiency?  Hydrolysed diets are an alternative option, but around 30% of dogs may still be allergic to the base protein even though it has been ‘broken up’ to avoid recognition by the immune system. Some pets may also be allergic to components other than the primary protein – the carbohydrate source, or sometimes even the reaction products (Maillard reaction products or MRPs). We’ll take a look at some recent studies into alternate diet types (raw/cooked/kibble) to help you decide on the most practical and effective option for your dog.


Pre-booking is highly recommended - LIVE has been chosen instead of pre-recorded so that there are opportunities for questions, but it does mean that places ARE limited to ensure that everyone can ask questions if they need to.



(Please note - whilst there will be plenty of time for questions, please remember that (as I am not your dog’s own vet) I can only discuss general options and cannot make specific recommendations for your companion)

Vet Help!... My dog has Itchy Skin




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