Vet, Help! – My Dog Has…..Pancreatitis

An Online Course to help you gain a deeper understanding of causes of Chronic Pancreatitis in Dogs, Common Treatment options and Dietary Management.

Online Seminar Monday 24th August 2020 6-9pm BST
(Watch later is available for 30 days)
£32, includes seminar slides sent to you in PDF after.


Who is this course for? This course is primarily intended to provide further information on specific conditions to owners, but other pet and veterinary professionals are also welcome. 


Finding out that your dog has pancreatitis can be worrying. For some dogs it is a one off, but for many it is the start of a long road of intermittent ‘flare ups’ of vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and hospitalisation.


Digestive enzymes released prematurely cause damage to pancreatic cells and extreme pain. For many dogs, this is followed by progressive fibrosis and ongoing pancreatic damage, sometimes developing into secondary conditions like diabetes and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.


Many owners want to take a more active and knowledgeable role in their dog's health. This course is designed to help you do this by giving you as much information as possible on how we diagnose and treat chronic pancreatitis, and the options for dietary management.


Also :
What causes pancreatitis?

Why is pancreatitis more common in some breeds than others?

What do the tests mean (PLI? TLI? B12? Folate?) and why do I sometimes need to leave my dog in hospital L…)

A multi-faceted approach to pancreatitis – allopathic medicine, hospitalisation, and emergency care, clinical nutrition, finding a herbal vets, choosing supplements

Diabetes and EPI… how likely is it that my dog will develop these…?


Nutritional Balance and optimising nutrition for Pancreatitis – It’s just about Fat Content.

Calculating calories to avoid weight loss when you switch to lower fat foods.

Where do our nutritional guidelines for pancreatitis come from? How good are they?

Tinned Food? Kibble Food? Raw? Homecooked? – They all have pros and cons – choosing the right one.

Looking at a few interesting recent studies/articles (do we really need to restrict protein…? Is coconut oil helpful or is it dangerous…? Berries and antioxidants?)

Does Dry-Matter Matter? (and what is it anyway?)

Can I add fish oil? Or is all fat bad?

Signs your dog may be developing secondary nutritional deficiencies.

Does my dog have IBD…. (there is a link to IBD talk here… the IBD/Pancreatitis/Hepatitis complex – or ‘Triaditis’)


Pre-booking is highly recommended - LIVE has been chosen instead of pre-recorded so that there are opportunities for questions, but it does mean that places ARE limited to ensure that everyone can ask questions if they need to.


(Please note - whilst there will be plenty of time for questions, please remember that (as I am not your dog’s own vet) I can only discuss general options and cannot make specific recommendations for your companion)



Vet Help!... My dog has Pancreatitis!




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