A Live Interactive Online Course to help you gain a deeper understanding of chronic renal failure in dogs. 


Who is this course for? This course is primarily intended to provide further information on specific conditions to owners, but other pet and veterinary professionals are also welcome. 

Online Interactive Seminar


When? Monday 10th August 2020 6-9pm BST
(Watch later is available for 30 days)

Where? This seminar is held on Skype. You will receive a link before the seminar.
How Much? £32 - A bit less then the cost of a standard consult :-) includes seminar slides sent to you in PDF after.


Finding out your dog has renal failure is sometimes overwhelming. Early stage kidney failure is often diagnosed after a routine blood test which can make it all the more of a shock. There’s only so much that you can fit into a standard consult slot, and it’s pretty common to go home with a thousand questions.


Many owners want to take a more active and knowledgeable role in their dog's health. This course is designed to help you do this by giving you as much information as possible on how we diagnose and stage renal failure, and the most common forms of treatment for early stage chronic renal failure. 


What do the blood and urine tests mean? (Urea, Creatinine, UPC, Proteinurea, SDMA?) 

What does 'IRIS' Staging mean?

Why do the blood test numbers change? 

How and why does deterioration happen? 

Is it reversible? 

Why does it happen? 

How important is diet management?

What are the current existing standards... and is it different with raw or cooked foods? 

My dog (or I) don't like the existing kibble or tins, can I make food at home?

How long will my dog live...? 


Dietary modifications are vital in the management of kidney disease. Its common that people are aware that phosphorus restriction is important, but there are other factors to consider. 


Optimal management of kidney failure is not just about phosphorus. Discussing the physiology of renal failure will help you to understand other nutritional aspects of  nutritional management, including increasing levels (and altering ratios) of omega 3 fatty acids, how antioxidants can play a vital role and how a poorly formulated diet can results in rapid and drastic loss of appetite - even if the kidney disease appears stable... 


Pre-booking is highly recommended - LIVE has been chosen instead of pre-recorded so that there are opportunities for questions, but it does mean that places ARE limited to ensure that everyone can ask questions if they need to.



(Please note - whilst there will be plenty of time for questions, please remember that (as I am not your dog’s own vet) I can only discuss general options and cannot make specific recommendations for your companion)

Vet, Help! – My Dog Has…..Renal Failure




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