LIVE interactive seminar, Friday Dec 6th 2019 6pm-9pm GMT
(Recording available online for 30 days if you are unable to attend on the day)


Hot spots, itchy feet, fungal infections, ear infections, skin infections, chewed hair, skin sores and red skin.... allergic skin disease is so frustrating....


This seminar is intended to help you to learn more about the way we (vets) approach allergic skin disease, and to arm you with the knowledge to work effectively with your own vet to gain better control of your own itchy dog using raw or fresh cooked exclusion diets.


This seminar will discuss:

*My flow-chart/structured approach to itchy dogs from the first consult.
*How do we know if it’s a food allergy, and how on earth do we find out what the allergy is to?
*How and when do food allergies develop?
*Why do some breeds suffer more than others?
*Should I be feeding raw? - When and how to approach a raw or home cooked exclusion diet.
*Do we really need to use drugs? What do all these drugs even do? Are they just covering up the symptoms?


This seminar will run in Skype, and will be interactive. You will receive a handout (by email) to keep and refer back to when you need to.


Numbers ARE limited to ensure that I can answer everyone's questions so please book in advance.

Raw and Fresh Cooked Diets for Itchy/Allergic Dogs

  • Please note - I am happy to discuss diagnosis/treatment of allergic skin disease in general during the seminar, but I cannot discuss your own dog's specific medical care. Proper diagnosis and treatment of skin disease should always involve face to face conversation and examination by your own vet. 


    I (Dr Charlotte Gray) am a general practice veterinary surgeon with 10 years experience in first line veterinary medicine. This is seminar is not intended to be a specialist resource for other veterinary professionals, but IS intended to give pet owners an insight into general practitioner approaches to allergic skin disease. 



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