The RAW Vet Veterinary Range

The First Fresh Food Prescription Range to meet Veterinary Clinical Nutritional Guidelines

Having a pet with specific dietary needs can be challenging...

We know that pets that are used to eating raw or fresh foods often cannot be changed to kibble or tinned prescription diet when they get sick and in certain medical conditions where we know that dietary changes can drastically improve symptoms or life span, this can be quite an issue. 

The RAW Vet Veterinary Range is intended to offer an alternative for pets that cannot eat other prescription foods. 

Just like our complete range, our Veterinary Range uses whole food nutrition profiles to calculate overall nutritional content of a recipe. We create recipes that aim to meet the SAME veterinary clinical nutritional guidelines as other prescription diets. Additionally, since we know that some sick pets may not be able to eat raw foods (for example - if they are immuno-supressed), we have adjusted the nutritional content of some of our veterinary range to ensure that they still meet clinical guidelines and nutritional minimums when cooked (check labels for which products are safe to cook).

Unlike any other fresh food company, our phone staff are ALL from veterinary practices including vets and nurses. We chose to do this because we want our advice to ALWAYS be appropriate and safe.


We will NEVER recommend a diet that is not appropriate, and will happily forward your medical history to our vet to make absolutely sure that our diet is suitable before suggesting it. We are also happy to speak to YOUR vet to discuss whether a product is right for your companion. 

You will be able to buy our Veterinary Range from: 

Selected Veterinary Practices 


Online directly from us

(we will contact you with a few medical questions if you order a prescription diet directly from us, and may request veterinary notes or permission from your vet).


We are sorry but due to the nature of the product we cannot supply the Veterinary Range to pet shops. 

What products are in our veterinary range currently?

Raw Vet Kidney Support for IRIS Stage 1-2  - Formulated to meet current veterinary nutritional guidelines for stage 1 and 2 renal failure. 

Raw Vet Low Fat - Pancreas and Gut Support- Formulated to meet current veterinary nutritional guidelines for pancreatitis. 

Both these diets are available on our shop page.

What are we working on right now? 

Raw Vet Weight Control - A FEDIAF balanced, high protein, low fat recipe that comes with detailed feeding guide based on your OWN dog. Support during weight loss is provided and we are very happy to work with your own veterinary nurses to get the weight off!


What's Next?

These recipes are still in the pipeline - keep an eye out for progress! 


Raw Vet Hepatic Support - Formulated for dogs with porto-systemic shunts or other causes of Hepatic Encephalopathy

Raw Vet Allergy - Phased exclusion diets for pets with food responsive allergic conditions (Atopic Dermatitis or Inflammatory Bowel Conditions)




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