Download the 'Raw Doesn't Have to be Guesswork' Seminar Recorded at Biddenden, March 2019

Please note - We ask a small fee for you to watch our seminar recordings - Click 'View' To buy.

We know that some people will want to watch this on a train/where there is not internet so (in the spirit of good faith) we have allowed downloads after purchase... but please do not illegally share this seminar. This is all my own work - we encourage sharing of knowledge, but please do not share the powerpoint slides, video or spreadsheet itself.

This seminar is not like any I have attended before. Just like other seminar speakers, I feel raw feeding can provide optimal nutrition for your dog - but I refuse to justify my choice to raw feed with just anecdotes or tales of wolves. My passion for both raw feeding and veterinary medicine leads me to question the science behind why a raw diet works so well, and what can we do to get the absolute best from the ingredients we are using.  Let's provide optimal nutrition for your dog using both nature AND science. 

Cost includes:

Download of just under 2 hours of recorded seminar

Free download of the excel sheet (for those who want to start nutritional balancing at home),

PDF of the powerpoint slides for you to annotate and use later. 

Content Overview: 

- The potential benefits of a whole food diet and some of the scientific reasons behind them.
- Some of the risks and how to minimise them.
- What raw/whole foods can you feed - What are your options? Do I have to feed bones? Should I feed vegetables? 
- How to start with balancing a raw diet - including the basics of starting nutritional checks for healthy adult dogs at home.
- Deficiencies - common ones to look out for, how to minimise risk and check if nutrients are lacking. 
- Useful books and places to reference for more help 

Codes for access to the PDF and the EXCEL spreadsheet are provided in the video content.



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